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Engage with us!

BASS REEVES GUN CLUB, INC. is in metro Atlanta and is the founding chapter of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA).

BRGC, INC. is a pro-2nd Amendment community of responsibly armed citizens. We take pride in learning and sharing our knowledge within the community to promote firearms safety, proficiency, and shooting sports.

​We have been active since 2015 and are continuously building towards our highest potential. We welcome people with varying levels of experience. We work to make our members more informed gun owners while also encouraging them to learn from one another. We want to help you achieve where you want to be as a gun owner by starting with where you are now.

Come check us out, and see how you can join us and contribute to growing our awesome chapter!

To become a member of BRGC, pay the yearly dues to the National African American Gun Association here, then connect with us in Atlanta. We encourage you to join, learn and become an active member. Active membership is the heartbeat of the club and we welcome you with open arms.


Whether you're a new member or re-engaging, utilize this guide to actively connect with us.

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