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Larry Brown, Jr.

Chapter President, Bass Reeves Gun Club, Inc.

Being the original chapter of the National African American Gun Association, Bass Reeves Gun Club upholds the founding objectives of being a diverse community of firearm enthusiasts from all walks of life. In order to promote responsible gun ownership, education, and safe gun handling in the African American community, our group consist of law-abiding people, certified firearms instructors and previous/existing law enforcement and military. 


We welcome people with varying levels of experience. We work to make our members more informed gun owners while also encouraging them to learn from one another. We want to help you achieve where you want to be as a gun owner by starting with where you are now.


Become a member of the National African American Gun Association and join us if you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We encourage you to join, learn and become an active member. Active membership is the heartbeat of the club and we welcome you with open arms. 



Message from the Pres: TeamMember
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