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Compete to Improve!

Author: Cassie Light, Chapter Co-Vice President

Have you ever considered competitive shooting? One of the best ways to improve your skills is to test them in a competitive course of fire. Whether shooting at stationary targets or shooting on the move, competitive shooting validates your application of the fundamentals and also shows you where you need to improve.

2019 Glock Sports Shooting Foundation Match

The Bass Reeves Gun Club competitive team is group of like minded individuals in that we all love shooting and competing in a fun but challenging environment to become the best marksman we can be whether that be for recreational, defensive, or competitive purposes. Above all, the team holds a high standard of the safety shooting fundamentals.

The team is led by Coach Rashid McCall, who provides instruction and advice for growing to become a more efficient shooter by breaking down the mechanics of shooting and starting from the basics and putting the processes together to create a seamless execution of marksmanship.

To join the competitive team, one must:

  1. Be a standing member of NAAGA

  2. Have completed the New Member Orientation Class (NMOC)

  3. Have taken our introduction to the shooting sports “Boot Camp” - a full day class where the safety fundamentals, mechanics of a gun, and manipulation of a semi-automatic firearm are conveyed and taught.

One of the main competitions that we currently participate is through the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF). GSSF is an organization that caters to encouraging new shooter into the shooting sports by having and open environment where they can grow their skill. As well an affordable way to enter into the shooting sports considering you are given or can win almost all the gear that is needed. The competitions are geared toward target shooting (paper and steel) at various distances and various sized targets. We currently travel as a team to the Southeastern circuits of competitions (GA, AL, NC, TN, FL) on a monthly basis throughout the year. As a team, we come together and practice for the competitions (at least once per month) by not only mastering the skills needed for target shooting but also looking beyond for defensive tactics. GSSF also affords us the ability to win Glock memorabilia and enter into drawings for free guns and “Glock Swag” (bags, knives, magazines, etc).

All the competitions we participate help us move in the direction of practical and defensive shooting competitions which include IDPA, 3-Gun, USPCA, and Action Pistol, which have a more real life scenario based shooting with the use of concealment and shooting and moving disciplines.

So, don’t believe that you have to be super experienced to participate in the shooting sports, find a local match and just get out and shoot! Learn where you need improvement – receive training, join our team and practice, practice, practice and above all, HAVE FUN! You’ll be amazed at how your skill improve when challenged!

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