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National African American Gun Association Convention is Coming, Aug 20th-22nd 2021

It’s official! The national convention for the National African American Gun Association will take place next year, August 20th – 22nd, 2021 in Georgia. There will be main convention sessions, exciting guest speakers & a variety of vendors. This is an important step for our organization. The goal of the convention is to become collectively better and celebrate 5+ years as an organization.

The focus of the convention will be to address where we started, where we are, and more importantly where we are going. It will also provide members an opportunity to discuss various aspects of our organization, attend leadership breakout sessions, award those members who have been instrumental in our development, have some fun (yes we can have fun ), and allow us to strengthen our bonds with each other as members and partners of NAAGA. This is a natural process in our growth and maturation as an organization. Being able to come together will strengthen us and renew our spirit!

Our National President, Philip Smith, says “I believe that shooting a gun is the same regardless of your race, but, what is dramatically different for African Americans is what happens to us before we buy a gun and after we buy a gun. That reality is the reason why this organization came into existence.” We provide our community with an Afrocentric view of firearm ownership and will continue to do so with no apologies. So, let’s get ready and we will see everyone next August!

And don’t forget to bring your firearms because we will have some time at the range with some shooting contests between Chapters and members!


Contact Your Representative To Protect Gun Rights

This a long post but it will be worth your time so please read it in its entirety. Yesterday I posted about SB281. If you're unfamiliar with it the gist is that it's a GA bill calling for the ban of semi-auto firearms, mags holding more that 6 rounds, and suppressors. I wrote an email expressing my concerns and sent it to my state representatives. I urge all of you to do the same. To find your state rep, just go to where you can type in your name and birthday to search for your representatives. Below is the text of my email. Feel free to use it in part or in its entirety and make your voice heard to your representatives. I made it as general as possible for easy copying and pasting but please read it carefully before you send it as there may be pronouns or demographic descriptions you may need to change because they are not applicable to you as an individual (ex. he vs she, African-American vs anything else). My email starts below:


Good Evening,
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you today, as one of your constituents, to ask you to say no to any gun control legislation at any level of government be it local, state, or federal. As an African-American and a card carrying member of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA), I am well aware of the damage gun violence has caused within my community. However, the root of that violence is not the gun, but the environmental conditions in which many African-American communities exist due to a history of failed policy to support the African-American community with same levels of resources white communities take as a given. That failed policy includes failure to properly fund schools, failure to ensure access to non-predatory capital for home and business owners, failure to provide clean environments through the enforcement of environmental policy, and failure to hold police accountable to the communities they serve to name just a few.
Banning firearms and firearm accessories of any kind as well as implementing registration of such items fails to address any of the previously mentioned issues. Such bans and onerous regulations place an undo burden on African-Americans in exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights in much the same way as poll taxes and voter ID laws act as measures to suppress Voting Rights.

Additionally, the history of gun control in this county is founded on the premise of removing access to firearms from African-American communities. During the Post-Reconstruction Era, Jim Crow, and Civil Rights Eras; gun control laws were implemented and disproportionately applied to African-American communities. Martin Luther King Jr. was denied the right to own a firearm by a racist government despite death threats to him and his family and the bombing of his home. In towns across the South, the only reason non-violent protests were able to succeed was because African-Americans in those communities were willing and able to defend the marchers with firearms once the sun went down and the cameras went away. Today as we see a rise in white supremacist violence, African-Americans must be able to defend themselves against such terrorists as well as the criminal element that exists both within and outside of our communities.
There is and always will be a place for the 2nd Amendment as there will always be a time when the state cannot be there to protect oneself due to simple time and physics or, in the historical case of the African-American community, the state will not be there to protect oneself due to incompetence, moral cowardice, or outright malice towards African-Americans.

All of this brings me to GA State Bill 281. This bill is sponsored by GA Rep. Donzella James of District 35. This is an awful bill that bans all modern firearms and firearm accessories and places an undo burden on the African-American community in accessing firearms for the lawful purposes of self-defense, sport, and hunting. I am shocked that Rep. James would propose such as bill given that her district is 65 percent African-American and is home to many other African-American gun owners, many of whom are also members of NAAGA. I urge you not to support this bill or any similar bill and instead to engage with African-American gun owners to help find solutions that will actually address violent crime while respecting their 2nd Amendment Rights. I also invite you to view the NAAGA main website as well as the Atlanta Chapter website to learn more about this organization. We are 30,000 members strong in 75+ chapters across the US. The websites are listed at the end of this email (the ".co" is not a typo). Lastly, I ask that you consider attending one of our meetings so that you can hear from some of your constituents like myself and what we have to say on the matter. Thank you for your time and feel free to respond with any questions or concerns you may have.

NAAGA Main Site:
NAAGA Atlanta Chapter Site:


Every year in the U.S. 400,000 firearms are stolen from individual gun owners. Firearms theft is a top source of crime guns.  


Last year, the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) and the Bass Reeves Gun Club (BRGC) partnered with the Firearms Security Alliance to host a “Creative Hackathon” event in Atlanta focused on firearms theft prevention. The Firearms Security Alliance is a new, collaborative effort of gun owners, gun groups, military veterans, non-profits, law enforcement and other community leaders to reduce the illegal flow and use of guns. The Firearms Theft Prevention Project is the Alliance’s first outreach campaign.


The Atlanta in-person brainstorming event was highly successful, so other NAAGA chapters were invited to participate in a virtual hackathon for the development of this national firearms theft prevention campaign. The purpose of these events was for the Alliance and their advertising agency to collectively brainstorm ideas with NAAGA focused on giving firearms owners the information and resources they need to protect themselves from firearms theft and the crimes committed with stolen firearms. A top national advertising agency is working with the Alliance to develop the marketing for the campaign. The initial campaign will be focused on preventing firearms theft from cars, a growing problem in cities across the country.

Bass Reeves Gun Club members participated in the filming of Public Service Announcements and other video assets for the Firearms Security Alliance's (FSA) national campaign. The staff of Stoddard’s Range & Guns, Atlanta Georgia also filmed their portions of the PSA to be used by the range to promote this effort! Stoddard's was an awesome partner allowing us to utilize the ranges’ Training Bay exclusively for filming! The filmmaker, Candace Barbot, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and her film crew member, Isabella, were highly professional and insightful. They were very impressed with NAAGAs’ mission and our dedication to educating on firearms safety and proficiency. They said they haven't seen anything like us!!

The results of the filming will be professionally produced videos, stills and brochures that will be branded for use by our organization. This model will be duplicated with other Chapters nationwide who have also contributed to the development of this campaign. It’s our collective responsibility to educate our communities and to help in keeping our guns out of the hands of criminals!

See the "Protect What Protects You" Campaign launched this year and the Social Media assets available to you to share the information to prevent gun thefts!

Protect What Protects You Partnership


Overview: The Bass Reeves chapter is now affiliated with the CMP.  The CMP is a national organization dedicated to training and educating U. S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions. The CMP is a federally chartered 501(c)(3) corporation that places its highest priority on serving youth through gun safety and marksmanship activities that encourage personal growth and build life skills.  For more information, visit


By affiliating with the CMP, our chapter and its members may benefit in a variety of ways. It’s yet another way for individuals to gain access to training, facilities, equipment and the ultimate goal of taking marksmanship to a higher level.  The list below outlines some of the benefits offered.  



BENEFITS  - Available to Members and/or the Chapter include:

Members - Purchase surplus ammo & firearms at CMP stores & online. 

Members - $160,000.00 in annual scholarships for high school juniors & seniors.

Members -  Access to U.S. Army Small Arms Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) & other training.

Chapter - CMP “First Shot’ & “On the Mark” newsletters


Chapter - Purchase precision air rifles and 22 caliber rifles for club junior shooting team.


Chapter - “Pay Back” program for 5 or more club members participating in CMP matches.

Chapter - Instructional materials & low-cost ammunition for clubs offering sanctioned marksmanships clinics.

Members & Chapter - Opportunity to conduct & compete in Excellence in Competition (EIC) matches.

Members - Compete in Service Rifle, Pistol, Rimfire and High Power Rifle matches.


Members - Compete in Garand, Springfield & Vintage Military Rifle matches.

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